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Originally Posted by lomalibu View Post
But increased gun laws only make it harder for law-biding citzens to purchase guns. Since when do criminals follow the law. Just my 2 cents.
exactly! These politicians don't understand that taking them away is making the innocent more vulnerable and crime will likely go up. I talk to my cousin-in-law about it a lot who is a lobbyist for Sacramento and surprisingly I got through to him about it.
I mean think about it; Do you think someone that is already a criminal and has broken the law before will follow a new law prohibiting a specific type of firearm? If anything, it might entice them. Especially in this heavily gun controlled state called California.
I honestly believe we should have less strict gun laws, and heavier sentences when it comes to gun violence. 30 to life is obviously not good enough. I say we make a law called an "Eye for an Eye Law," where if you committed a murder, then you get the same thing. Or if you rape someone, well... you get the picture.
And as the famous Forrest Gump would say," And that's all I got to say about that."
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